Office Relocation and Removals

Moving office is one of the most complex projects in the moving business. Every contingency must be considered to mitigate any risks of disruption or delay. At Asian Eagles, our office moving procedures incorporate our years of experience and extensive resources to ensure that your relocation goes smoothly.

When it comes to office removals, don’t trust your business to anyone else.

At Asian Eagles, we make it easy.

  • Pre-move consultation and free quotation
  • Customized move plan, including staff briefings and floor plans
  • Asian Eagles’s award-winning packing, transport and delivery services
  • Contingency resources and planning

The process for any office removal begins with a pre-move consultation. We then create a quotation and customized plan for each move. This will usually include staff briefings and floor plan preparation, as well as packing, transport, delivery and removal of packing materials. We can also provide materials in advance for staff to pack their personal effects if they prefer.

Critical to our ability to move your office is our expertise in records management. Any digital or paper documents that need proper storage or secure destruction can be handled by Asian Eagles's records management facilities. We offer secure document storage, data management, document imaging, index retrieval, and secure shredding and destruction, to help insure that you compy with privacy legislation in your area.

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